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As Heaven’s movement is ever vigorous, so must a gentleman ceaselessly strive along.  As Land’s vigor is ever lenience and smooth, so must a gentleman to broaden his virtue.

—《易经 Yi Jing》

Since the establishment in 1980, Stronging Technology Group has undergone development for 25 years. In past 25 years, Stronging Technology Group has been devoted to serve China Factory Automation Industry, to serve machine tool builders, factory end-ures, system integrators and distributors, by providing the most advanced factory automation products, the best technical service and consultancy. Our long-term target is to become a leader in China Factory Automation Industry and is to maximize our customers’ satisfaction, based on our best technology and service,
By integrating our eager wish, the advanced technology and products, Stronging Technology Group started to promote & distribute Mitsubishi Electric FA products in Mainland China and Hong Kong in 1990. Presently, Stronging Technology Group is a recognized leader in distributing Mitsubishi Electric FA products in China. Entering in 2004, the Group posted high-speed development, strengthening the business in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, setting up new branches in Shenyang, Hangzhou, Xi-an, Chong-qing and Baoji etc. Therefore, I, representing the Board of Stronging Technology Group, sincerely appreciate the great support of our customers, suppliers, partners, competitors and society.

In december, Stronging Technology Group has passed confirmation of ISO9001 Quality Management and Quality Guarantee. We strive to upgrade the quality of our products and our staffs to guarantee our best service and best products to our customers.

Through our unremitting efforts, I strongly believe that Stronging Technology will provide the best service & products to our customer, create high value & high return to our society.





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