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Case Study    
                                Successful Cases
We provide many solutions for below manufactories and customers successfully.
1.       PLC
①     An underground garage of a government department.
The underground garage capacity was poor and it could only contain 80 sets autos before. Stronging Group designed the main body garage to help them to solve this problem. It can contain more than 300 autos after the rebuilding. We used intellectualized horizontal moving system to control the auto parking and taking. It is carried out by Mitsubishi FX2N series products, total 4 sets PLC to control 4 districts that has 3 floors. The 4 sets PLC can be communicated by each other, also can be run individually. If only the parker input his parking position code, his car can be put down on the ground from different district and position, so he can take out his car easily.
②     An underground garage of a restaurant
Since Mitsubishi supplied Q-PLC, under the promotion of Stronging Group, the customer adopted Q-PLC scheme to rebuild their underground garage. Owing to the strong communication function of Q-PLC, the system control becomes simplified, it avoids the programming trouble caused by district dividing. If only fulfill simple order control of each parking lot number, the centralized control can be carried out through upper lever processor and HMI. This solution is more applicable for public park, elevator and parking lot, because the operation is simpler, the automatic in-out parking and charging can be integrated.
2.       Inverter
A large Boring Machine Manufactory in North-east of China.
In order to improve the capability of the boring machine (A type of fine finishing machine), we help them to use Mitsubishi inverter A500 series on the drive of main shaft to simplify the machinery structure of the main shaft (i.e. the gearing box). The power transmission of former  boring machine was fulfilled by the gearing box in a kind of grade transmission. Now we use inverter to help them to reduce the using of many gears, meanwhile to change drive into un-grade limited transmission. So the capability and the machining flexibility of the boring machine have been improved obviously.
3.       Servo
An automatic plastic bags manufactory.
Orientation cutting parts is the core of this kind of machine. The customer adopted our scheme to use Mitsubishi servo system to implement the length orientation instead of the electromagnetic clutch/arrester to which they used before.
4.      Integrated application
①     A large after-printing binding machine manufactory
This manufactory makes all kinds of printing machine. As a result of the simplifying and mass-producing of their products, they use network gradually instead of FX2N series. According to our recommendation, they use CC-Link network to carry out centralized control to different user, machine type and product. The running can be done if only put in ‘Device Station’. This solution can save much cabling.
②     Dongguan - A large corrugated paper manufactory
We support this corrugated paper manufactory to rebuild their control system of product lines. We rebuilt their controlling with Q-PLC, rebuilt their paper conveying with constant tension controller, rebuilt their conveyer shaft drive motor with inverter, and used inverter to fulfill the high-speed control of constant tension. At the same time, we setup control center and use a Mitsubishi LCD screen A970GOT-TBA-CH.


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